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Airport Authority elects officers, schedules planning meeting

by Chris Olson

Posted on 2/19/2015

The Jamestown Regional Airport Authority re-elected its officers Wednesday night.

The authority approved re-electing Jim Boyd as chairman, Jeff Wilhelm as vice chairman and Airport Manager Sam Seafeldt as secretary/treasurer.

Mayor Katie Andersen, the city''s representative on the authority, asked Boyd if he wanted to serve another term as chairman before making the motion to re-elect Boyd as chairman.

Boyd said he has enjoyed being chairman for the last four years, but he wanted to "open the floor" to other authority members who might be interested in serving as chairman.

Member Kieth Veil said if any other authority member wanted to be chairman, he or she should speak up.

"I don''t mind doing the tasks I''m assigned, but I can''t (be chairman)," he said. "Jim, you do a great job, you put in a lot of time."

No other authority members asked to be chairman.

The authority also reappointed its committee assignments. Andersen will continue to serve on the political committee; Andersen and Wilhelm will serve on the financial committee; Veil and new authority member Trent Sletto will serve on the operations committee; and Boyd , Wilhelm and Brent Harris will serve on the human resources committee. Boyd, Harris and Andersen will serve on the commercial air service committee; Veil, Wilhelm and Sletto, the general aviation service committee; and Andersen, Neys and Harris will serve on the economic development growth committee.

In other business, the authority will hold its annual strategic planning meeting from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at the airport manager''s office.