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Minnepolis Non-Stop

Posted on 5/2/2008

DATE: MAY 2, 2008

The Jamestown Regional Airport Authority announces the first NWA Non-Stop
flight from Jamestown to Minneapolis beginning here on Friday, May 2nd,
departing at 7 AM arriving in Minneapolis at 8:30.
The reality of this non-stop flight service between Jamestown and Minneapolis was
the result of researching the load factors, canvassing of the community's frequent
flyers, and coordinating with the area travel agents; then presenting the problem &
solution to NWA officials. It began last summer when the US Department of
Transportation was soliciting bids for the Jamestown Essential Air Service contract,
which included service October 2007 through September 2009. When NWA, the
only bidder, offered the same one stop service through Aberdeen, SD, the
Jamestown Airport officials, Senator Byron Dorgan, and Governor John Hoeven
went to work in an attempt to change it to a non-stop service.
After 8 months pursuing the change in service, the Jamestown Airport was
contacted late December 2007 by both Northwest and Senator Dorgan to announce
the incorporation of non-stop service between Jamestown and Minneapolis. NWA
explained that the change in schedule would take 4-5 months to incorporate into
their system.
"This flight marks the beginning of a new route that will bring significant benefits
to Jamestown and Devils Lake," Senator Dorgan said. "We worked a long time
encouraging Northwest Airlines to provide direct service to Jamestown, and I'm
proud to finally see nonstop service begin. This is a good day for travelers, the
business community and the entire region."
"Last summer we negotiated with Northwest officials on a range of air service issues
important to North Dakota, including reliability of flight schedules, pricing,
customer service, and importantly, essential air service to Jamestown and Devils
Lake," Hoeven said. "It took a concerted state, local and federal effort to make this
day happen, and we're delighted for the people Jamestown. Our focus now is to
assure that air service to North Dakota is not only maintained, but improved in the
event of a proposed merger between Northwest and Delta."
The Jamestown Airport and community are pleased to have this new non-stop
service that is vital to our Economic Development activity. For questions on this
release, please contact Andrew Schneider, Airport Manager, at 701-252-6466.

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